Vol. 31 • February 1967 • No. 2

Stop the Bombing 3
Notes in the News 4
The Word from Washington 10
The National Pollution Scandal 12
Nelson, Senator Gaylord A.
Lyndon Johnson in Trouble 16
Wechsler, James A.
The High Cost of the Public Office 20
Proxmire, Ellen
Anti-Semitic, eh? 23
Mayer, Milton
Unions and Automation 24
Stern, James L.
West Germany Today 27
Schoenbaum, David
Twenty Years Afterward Revive the Spirit of the Marshall Plan 29
Reuss, Henry S.
Victory Over Terror 31
Werner, Alfred
The Importance of Trivia 34
Serwer, Arnold
The Peoples Forum 35
Prelude to Violence 37
Goodsell, James Nelson
Two Aristocrats 38
Guttmann, Allen
New Left Ferment 39
Sklar, Robert
He Didn't Sell out 39
Rollins, A. B. Jr.
Medical Maladies 40
Palley, Howard A.
Young Churchill 41
Beddow, Reid
Coloring the Music 43
Kostelanetz, Richard

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