Vol. 16 • August 1933 • No. 6

Socialist Party Continues War Upon War 1
A Socialist View of the Week 2
Ward, William Allen
Country Wide Response Brings National $1 Edition Into Existence 3
This Is No Time to Give Up Our Democracy, Says Bauer 4
Low, Beta
Wave of Strikes Continue Despite Roosevelt Appeal 5
The Time Is Ripe for Ending The Joyride of the Railroads 6
Cohen, Joseph EL
Hitler's Germany Now Frankly Stands for Naked Capitalism 7
Feigenbaum, William M.
New York Congress at Albany Sunday, August 13 8
New York State 9
New York Plans Great Campaign for Mayor 10
Rialto Theatre Plans Active Season-Many New Films 11
Milk Distribution Should Be a Public Function 12
Solomon, Charles

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