Vol. 15 • February 1933 • No. 6

Fight for Work and Relief! 1
A Socialist View of the Week 2
The New Leader Faces Its Tenth Year 3
Feigenbaum, William M.
An Assault Upon Our Schools 4
Gottlieb, Edward P .
Poisoning People for Princely Profits 5
Rogin, Lawrence
For Unity in Action Between Socialists and Cooperatives 6
Cooley, Oscar
I.L.G.W.U. Joins Big Drive 7
Penna. Socialist Legislators Battle for Old Age Security 8
McDowell, Arthur G.
The Masses Must Hold the Key To End the Money Madness 9
Cohen, Joseph E.
The Party Progresses 10
The Convention Agenda 13
Edith Evans Excellent in "Evensong" at The Selwyn 14
History In The Making -In Film Form -At the Embassy 15

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