Vol. 15 • March 1933 • No. 11

Causes of Crises That Curse Mankind And the Need of a Socialist World 1
A Socialist View of the Week 2
Socialists Present Bank Plan to Roosevelt 3
The Milk Shed of New York 4
Uio, Pierre de
Marx Pinned Faith in the Masses 5
Riseman, Harry
Well,We Got Prompt Action 6
Klein, Gertrude Weil
Labor Committee Notes 7
Wild Terror Re'gns in Germany As the Fake Election is Held 8
Penn. Socialist Solon Assumes The Real Minority Leadership 9
McDowell, Arthur G.
Karl Marx Honored At Brooklyn Forum 10
Socialist Party Progress 11
Socialist Party Progress 12
Ptrty Progress 13
Tallulah Bankhead Comes Back to Brighten Times Square 14
Unusual Film - Even For Russia - At The Cameo 15

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