Vol. 40 • March 2007 • No. 2

Fighting for the Life of the Independent Press 3
Thornton, Christy
"Farewell, Meat Bag" 4
Lemebel, Pedro
The Migrants Will Be Heard: A 40th Anniversary Conversation With Ruben Martinez 5
McFadyen, Deidre
Mexico: Year Zero 11
Rosen, Fred
Introduction: How Pink is the 'Pink Tide'? 16
Friedman, Elisabeth Jay
Dangerous Liaisons: Latin American Feminists and the Left 17
Gago, Veronica
Beyond Polarization: Organized Venezuelan Women Promote Their Minimum Agenda 20
Espina, Gioconda
Chilean Feminism and Social Democracy From the Democratic Transition to Bachelet 25
Tobar, Marcela Rios
Resisting Kirchner's Recipe (Sometimes): 'LGBTTI' Organizing in Argentina 30
Sarda, Alejandra
Bolivian Women's Organizations in the MAS Era 33
P., Karin Monasterios
Black Brazilian Women and the Lula Administration 38
Reis, Vilma
The Devil Behind the Mirror by Stephen Gregory 45
Morales, Pablo
Cuba Represent! by Sujatha Fernandes 48
Thornton, Christy
"Briefly Noted: Judith Friedlander on 'Indianness'; John Tofik Karam on Middle Eastern Identity in Brazil; Shannon Speed, et. al. on Women in Chiapas" 50
Youth Media: Building Solidarity 52
Morales, Pablo

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