Vol. 38 • September 2004 • No. 2

TAKING NOTE: Echeverría and Impunity 3
Beck, Marshall
OPEN FORUM: Bush and Cuba: Still the Full Moon 4
Smith, Wayne S.
ESSAY: Soldiering the Empire 6
Gill, Lesley
UPDATE: Displaced in Colombia 9
Moloney, Anastasia
UPDATE: Uruguay's Tilt Left? 13
Canel, Eduardo
Changing Identities: The Politics of Race and Globalization, Part 1 15
Rethinking Indigenous Politics in the Era of the "Indio Permitido" 16
Hale, Charles R.
Land Rights and Garífuna Identity 21
Thorne, Eva T.
Anti-Racism in Brazil 26
Sansone, Livio
Reinventing Blackness in Salvador 28
Siwi, Marco
Blackness with a Cuban Beat 31
Hernandez-Reguant, Ariana
TRACKING THE ECONOMY Capital Movements 47
Baker, Dean & Tucker, Todd
¡YA! YOUTH ACTIVISM Estación Libre 48
Zheng, Craig

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