Vol. 37 • July 2003 • No. 1

In Brief 1
Letters 4
Goff, Fred
Open Forum Between a Sharp Tongue and a Blind Eye: The Politics of Criticism and Propagada 6
Reeves, Tom & Leech, Garry M.
Taking Note 7
From Allende to Lula: Assessing the Legacy 9
Oxhorn, Philip
Voices From the Chilean Left: Toward the Recovery of Popular Sovereignty 14
Bustos, Carlos A. Molina
Voices From the Chilean Left: The Long March to Unite The People 17
Donoso, Manuel Cabieses
Resurrecting Allende 19
Hite, Katherine
Opening Up the Files: Chile Declassified 25
Kornbluh, Peter
Chile's Mapuche: Not Yet "Pacified" 32
Muñoz, Luis Campos
Fish and Flexibility: Working in the New Chile 36
Schurman, Rachel

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