Vol. 36 • January 2003 • No. 4

In Brief 1
Taking Note Can You Eat Neoliberalism? 7
Kawell, JoAnn
Update/Venezuela Divided Society on the Brink 8
Rosen, Fred & Youngers, Coletta
IDB Plan to Sell the Public Sector 13
Edwards, Beatrice
Inside the IDB 15
Edwards, Beatrice
Borrow in order to sell? 17
Edwards, Beatrice
In the National Interest 20
Dore, Elizabeth
Railroad Concessions: Off Track from the Start 24
Martin, Brendan
SELLING THE PUBLIC SECTOR: LATIN AMERICA REACTS Mexico: Lights out for Electric Company Sale? 29
Bacon, David
Development for Whom? 31
Bacon, David
Bolivia: The Water War Widens 34
Shultz, Jim
Colombia: Taking a Stand in Cali 37
Edwards, Beatrice
Peru: Hanging up on the Public Sector 39
Fraser, Barbara J.
El Salvador: Who Will Have the Hospitals? 42
Schuld, Leslie

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