Vol. 34 • September 2000 • No. 2

In Brief 1
Taking Note 5
Opting for Fox 6
Hellman, Judith Adler
Justice and Java 11
James, Deborah
Old Wars, New Guns 15
Repeating Past Mistakes 16
Tate, Winifred
Biowarfare in Colombia? 20
Meza, Ricardo Vargas
The Evolution of the FARC 23
Molano, Alfredo
An Interview with FARC Commander Simón Trinidad 24
Leech, Garry M.
The Art of Negotiation 28
Braun, Tico
Elusive Peace 32
Chernick, Marc
The National Liberation Army (ELN) Creates a Different Peace Process 34
García-Peña, Daniel
The Paramilitary Connection 38
Richani, Nazih
In the Battalion: A Soldier Speaks 42
Barrio Nelson Mandela 43
Carrión, María
Colombia Resources 55

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