Vol. 27 • March 1994 • No. 5

Newsbriefs 1
Letters 4
Taking Note 5
Mexico: The New Mayan War 6
Hernández, Luis
Argentina: The Unofficial Story 11
Hermello, Rodrigo Gutérrez & Robert, Karen
Living with the Legacy of Disappearance 13
Robert, Karen & Hermello, Rodrigo Gutérrez
VENEZUELA Rethinking Capitalist Democracy 15
Deciphering the National Elections 16
Alvarez, Federico
The Parties 19
An Interview with MAS' Teodoro Petkoff 20
Ellner, Steve
The Temperature Rises in the Crucible of Reform 23
Rosen, Fred
The Rise of Causa R: A Workers' Party Shakes Up the Old Politics 29
Maya, Margarita López
State Reforms that Opened the Door 32
Maya, Margarita López
Democracy Over a Barrel: Venezuelan History Through the Prism of Oil 35
Hellinger, Daniel
An Agenda for a New Oil Policy 40
Hellinger, Daniel
Reviews 45

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