Vol. 27 • January 1994 • No. 4

Letters 2
Taking Note 3
Nicaragua: The Pot Boils Over 4
Burbach, Roger
Colombia: Debating the Relevance of the Armed Struggle 8
Chernick, Marc
The Intellectuals' Letter 10
The Guerrillas' Response 11
An Interview with Navarro Wolff 12
The Unmaking of a President 16
Ives, Kim
The Lavalas Alliance Propels Aristide to Power 18
Ives, Kim
What do Haitians Want from the U.S.? 26
Orenstein, Catherine
Haiti's Popular Resistance 30
Aristide, Marx V. & Richardson, Laurie
Profiles of the Popular Currents 32
Richardson, Laurie & Aristide, Marx V.
Democracy Enhancements'-U.S. Style 35
Aristide, Marx V. & Richardson, Laurie
The U.S. Economic Agenda: A Sweatshop Model of Development 37
Briggs, Barbara & Kernaghan, Charles
The 10th Department 41
Jean-Pierre, Jean
Haiti's Nightmare and the Lessons of History 46
Trouillot, Michel-Rolph
Reviews 55

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