Vol. 41 • March 2008 • No. 2

OPEN FORUM : A Hunger Striker Becomes Chile's Conscience 3
Córdova, Amalia
UPDATE : Another SOA? A U.S. Police Academy in El Salvador Worries Critics 5
Enzinna, Wes
The Small Arms Trade in the Americas 14
Tuttle, Rachel Stohl and David
The U.S. Senate : Stalling Hemispheric Arms Control 18
Berrigan, Frida
Guns : The U.S. Threat to Mexican National Security 21
Weinberg, Bill
Disarming Brazil : Lessons and Challenges 27
Lucas, Peter
Pinochet, Arms Merchant 32
Burbach, Roger
Brazil and Colombia : Deadly Diversions 34
Morales, Pablo
REVIEWS : Demystifying Chávez, Comparing Post-Cold War Strategies, New & Noteworthy 40
Thornton, Christopher hewlett, Christy
MALA : The Media Need More TLC in CAFTA Reporting 47
Beeton, Dan

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