Vol. 35 • September 2001 • No. 2

In Brief 1
Open Forum 4
Verdugo, Patricia
Taking Note 7
Brazil's Prison Debacle 8
Salla, Fernando
Mapuches Press for Autonomy 10
Millaman, Rosamel
Crossing Borders: Race and Racism in the Americas, Part II 13
"Mexicanness" in New York: Migrants Seek New Place in Old Racial Order 14
Smith, Robert
In Search of the Chilean Paradise: Peruvians in Chile Forge a Community 18
Ortega, Seledad
Dominican Republic Spurns Haitian Migrants: Rejection of African Heritage Fuels Anti-Haitian Views 24
Howard, David
Apartheid Dominican Style 26
Llopart, Jordi Pius
Japanese-Peruvians-Reviled and Respected: The Paradoxial Place of Peru's Nikkei 29
Kushner, Eve
A Hard Road for Argentina's Bolivians 33
Grimson, Alejandro
Travelling North: A Chronicle of an Undocumented Journey 36
Guillén, Ana

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