Vol. 33 • January 2000 • No. 4

In Brief 1
Taking Note 5
Fujimori's Rentless Pursuit of Re-election 6
Youngers, Coletta
The Crisis of the Latin American University 11
The Permanent Crisis of the Public University 12
Gentili, Pablo
The UNAM Stalemate: Mexico's Student Strike 19
Navarro, Luis Hernández
Engendering Democracy in Chile's Universities 24
Oyarzún, Kemy
Student Activism in Chile's Universities 28
Olavarria, Margot
The Decline of the Social Sciences in Peru 30
Molero, Jaime Avila & Degregori, Carlos Iván
The Public University's Information Gap 36
Carty, Winthrop
The Future of Education and the Future of Work 38
Casanova, Pablo Gonzáles
Reviews 51

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