Vol. 5 • July 1980 • No. 7

Beginnings 2
Letters 3
Perspective 5
Eban, Abba
Securing Israel: A MOMENT Symposium 9
The Improbable Rabbi 15
Hazleton, Lesley
The Shiksa Question 22
Stiller, Nikki
Letter to the Mother of a Lesbian Daughter 26
Israel, Richard
Sheeny Mike Translated by Richard Fein 28
Glatshteyn, Yankev
Aunt Annie 31
Adilman, Mona Elaine
New Wind in the Negev 34
Bearfield, Lev
The Brenners, Formerly of Los Angeles 42
Ullian, Frances
A Dog Named Abraham 45
Datan, Nancy
What Israelis Read 50
Morris, Benny
The Olympic Boycott-Then 60
The MOMENT Classified 64

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