Vol. 3 • September 1978 • No. 9

Beginnings 2
Letters 3
Perspective 7
Roth, Irene
potok, Chaim
(Petro ) Dollars for Scholars 15
Sander, Gordon
A Moment Interview 20
Herzog, Chaim
If Orthodoxy is the Answer, What is the Question? 28
Prologue 30
Faith and Fear 33
Adler, Moshe
Thumbs and Eggs 36
Singer, David
Arrogance and Authenticity 38
Neusner, Jacob
Doing and Believing 40
Bakke's Implication 45
Rabinove, Samuel
A Tent of Dolphins 50
Gellman, Marc
Swear by the Slain of War (fiction) 53
Martin, Jack
The Birthright, The Blessing 57
Polish, David
A Three-Course Meal for the New Year (poetry) 59
Sklarew, Myra
The Four Species 60
Luria, Yaacov
Project Renewal: A Caution 63
Jaffe, Eleizer

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