Vol. 3 • April 1978 • No. 5

Beginnings 2
Letters 3
Perspective The Congress of'42 4
Melammed, Israel
Lies Our Leader Tells Us 9
MOMENT Interview: 11
Eliav, Arie
How to Collect Jewish Art 17
Kaniel, Michael
Voices From the West Bank 25
Heller, Mark
Syria's Jews: An Exchange of 29
Watching "Holocaust" 34
My Father's Ritual 42
Sephardic Pesach Melodies 44
Kessler, Jack
Fresh Stuffed Deep Water Fish En Glace 48
Nathan, Joan
Kibbutz Amos Oz 54
London 56
Megged, Aharon
The Game in the Synagogue Basement 63
Kaitz, Merrill

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