Vol. 3 • December 1977 • No. 2

Beginnings 2
Letters 6
Carter, Israel, and the Jews 9
Fein, Leonard
MOMENT Interview: 15
Eban, Abba
Tay Sachs: A Progress Report 19
Mackta, Jayne
"Just Bring Me Yourself" 21
Hornblass, Bernice
His Daughter's Father: Otto Frank 27
Straus, R. Peter
Bar Mitzvah at the Wall 31
Ribicoff, Peter
"34,000 is bigger than the largest known whale." 38
Collins, Mike
Color it Dismal, Color it Hope 40
Wesel, Paul
Tay Sachs: One Family's Story 52
Goldberg, Doris
Tay Sachs: The Abortion Controversy 53
Tay Sachs: Sources of Information 54
Our Readers Speak: Political Attitudes 55
Another Side of Philip Roth 58
Jubilee in Tubingen 61
Neusner, Jacob
Reader Opinion Poll: Jewish Education 63

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