Vol. 6 • January 1959 • No. 1

American Notebook Ferment in the Economy 4
Kolko, Gabriel
A New Political Atmosphere in America 5
Howe, Irving
France: an End to Politics 13
Ricoeur, Paul
Of Bombs And Men Abraham '59-A Nuclear Fantasy 18
Aiken, F. B.
Political Policy Or Nuclear War? 25
Newman, William J.
Doctor Zhivago and Modern Sensibility 35
Chiaromonte, Nicola
Reflections On Little Rock- 45
Arendt, Hannah
Politics and the Realms of Being: a Reply 56
Spitz, David
Pie in the Sky...: A Reply- 65
Tumin, Melvin
American Institutions The Professor As Commodity 72
Coser, Lewis
Gorillas... and Real Hemen 75
Hausknecht, Murray
The Cost Of Mental Care 77
Coser, Rose Laub
Hausknecht, Murray & Macdonald, Dwight
John Kenneth Galbraith's "The Affluent Society" 84
Seligman, Ben
Herbert Marcuse's "Soviet Marxism" 88
Stern, L.
The Pope and the Papers 96
Pachter, Henry
A Distance Of Centuries 97
Eckstein, George
On Civil Disobedience 99
Brick, Allan R.

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