Vol. 57 • March 2010 • No. 2

A New Popular Front 1
Kazin, Michael
No-Win Policy for Afghanistan 5
Cohen, Michael A.
Giving Up the Burma Fantasy 10
Englehart, Neil A.
Introduction 15
Mills, Nicolaus
The State We Lost 16
Barrow, Jessica
Faithful to My Father's Dream 19
Bevel, Enoch
Lost and Found 22
Cheever, Sarah
From Dissent to Divinity School 25
Lessons from the Bronx 27
Garon, Ilana
Coming to Washington 29
Porter, Ethan
Between Cultures 32
Quinn, William J.
After the Flood 34
Roderick, Anne Marie
Growing a Soul 37
Williams, Tamara
Introduction 41
Tanenhaus), Editors (Michael Eric Dyson, Jean Bethke Elshtain and Sam
Global Feminism in a Conservative Age: Possibilities and Pieties Since 1980 49
Stansell, Christine
Death by Gender 54
Epstein, Cynthia Fuchs
Ending the Myth of 'Market Fundamentalism' 58
Baker, Dean
A Tale of Two Labor Laws 63
Brody, David
Why American Unions Need Intellectuals 69
Lichtenstein, Nelson
Hate Crime/Thought Crime 74
Larner, Jesse
The Guilt They Carry: Wounds of Iraq and Afghanistan 80
Sherman, Nancy
Diane Ravitch's The Death and Life of the Great American School System 85
Barkan, Joanne
Miriam Pawel's The Union of Their Dreams 91
Rubin, Jeffrey W.
Mike Roselle's Tree Spiker (with Josh Mahan) Dean Kuipers's Operation Bite Back Douglas Bevington's The Rebirth of Environmentalism 96
Engler, Mark
Shlomo Sand's The Invention of the Jewish People 103
Nirenberg, David
Robert Skidelsky's Keynes: The Return of the Master Peter Clarke's Keynes: The Rise, Fall, and Return of the 20th Century's Most Influential Economist 111
Block, Fred
Endless Retribution 116
Phillips, Maxine

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