Vol. 53 • April 2006 • No. 2

Editor's Page 1
Walzer, Michael
The galvanizing effect of one politician on changing the food stamp program and encourages someone to do the same for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina 5
Mills, Nicolaus
Vignettes from recovery work in New Orleans 6
Henderson, Elizabeth
The political and cultural issues of teaching political theory in Beijing 9
Bell, Daniel A.
A Chinese audience that now is the moment for Marx 18
Berman, Marshall
The obstacles to democratic reform in Bolivia 22
Eviatar, Daphne
The French commitment to the thirty-five-hour work week 28
Carpenter, Luther
The Soul of a Poet: Raúl Rivero 33
Berman, Paul
Pay tribute to exiled Cuban poet Raúl Rivero, three of whose poems start on page 34
The Courage of the Poet 36
Medina, Pablo
Discusses markets and politics in what used to be the third world 38
Colburn, Forrest D.
call for freedom of expression but express differing views on the cartoon controversy 42
Allal, Tewfik
Fanatics Without Borders 43
Finkielkraut, Alain
Higher Education, Inequality, and the Public Good 45
Tannock, Stuart
The Co-op: On Urban Planning and Socialist Dreams 52
Kriegel, Leonard
The Delphi 'Bankruptcy': The Continuation of Class War by Other Means 58
Diamond, Stephen F.
Reading Lolita at Guantanamo: Or, This Page Cannot be Displayed 64
Koppelman, Andrew
Collateral Benefit: Iraq and Increased Legitimacy for International Trusteeship 72
Jenkins, Rob
Can Social Democracies Survive in the Global South? 76
Sandbrook, Richard & Edelman, Marc & Heller, Patrick & Teichman, Judith
Heaven Can Wait: Against Michael Kazin 85
Jacoby, Susan
Heaven Can Wait: Against Michael Kazin: Responds 87
Kazin, Michael
The current crop of political thrillers especially Munich 89
Dickstein, Morris
Ira Katznelson's When Affirmative Action Was White 93
Gerstle, Gary
Target Zero, edited by Kathleen Cleaver 99
Lorenzo, Darryl
Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner's Freakonomics 103
Smithsimon, Greg
Recent books 106
editors, Dissent
Social Investing 109
Domini, Amy
Social Investing 110
Moskowitz, Milton
Social Investing:Replies 110
Harris, Mark T.
The Last Page 112
Linfield, Susie

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