Vol. 50 • April 2003 • No. 2

Editor's Page 1
Walzer, Michael
The Bush tax program 5
Levinson, Mark
Democratic misalliances 7
Ross, Benjamin
Europe's love-hate relationship with the United States 11
Bruckner, Pascal
Israel and the new anti-Semitism 18
Lappin, Shalom
Promises and pitfalls in Brazil 25
Gacek, Stanley
American Pluralism after 9/11 31
Gerstle, Gary
From Guilt to Solidarity: Sweatshops and Political Responsibility 39
Young, Iris
Offshore Banking: Secret Threat to America 45
Komisar, Lucy
Citizenship and Disability 52
Bérubé, Michael
Ruminations on Cyber-Race 58
Kang, Jerry
Right-wing Patriotism: What William Bennett Doesn't Understand 64
Isaac, Jeffrey C.
Reviewing Irving Howe 70
Howe, Nicholas
The Perils of Michael Moore: Political Criticism in an Age of Entertainment 75
Mattson, Kevin
The 'Buffy Paradigm' Revisited: A Superhero and the War on Terror 81
Phillips, Maxine
Confessions of an 'Anti-American' 83
Wreszin, Michael
Confessions of an 'Anti-American': Responds 87
Kazin, Michael
Confessions of an 'Anti-American': Responds 88
Walzer, Michael
Tribute to John Rawls 89
Estlund, David
asks why segments of the left have so much trouble listening to each other 91
Barkan, Joanne
Forrest D. Colburn's Latin America at the End of Politics 93
Berman, Paul
Richard Goldstein's The Attack Queers 101
Berens, Bob
Matthew A. Crenson and Benjamin Ginsberg's Downsizing Democracy and Martin P. Wattenberg's Where Have All the Voters Gone? 104
Perlstein, Rick
Letters 109
Last Page 112
Dreier, Peter

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