Vol. 49 • January 2002 • No. 1

Editor's Page 1
Cohen, Mitchell
Five questions about terrorism 5
Walzer, Michael
Five questions about terrorism: Responses 10
Casey, Leo
Five questions about terrorism: Responses 11
Kazin, Michael
Five questions about terrorism: Responses 13
Rule, James B.
Five questions about terrorism: Responses 14
Snitow, Ann
Five questions about terrorism: Responses: Replies 16
Walzer, Michael
The Language of Slaughter 21
Mills, Nicolaus
The Argument about Humanitarian Intervention 29
Walzer, Michael
Bearing Witness 38
Sabic, Lejla
Murder in the Neighborhood 39
Rieff, David
Paying for the Powell Doctrine 49
Maass, Peter
As Old as War Itself: Rape in Foca 60
Barkan, Joanne
Bearing Witness 68
Niyirora, Bernardine
Road to a Genocide 69
Berkeley, Bill
Echoes of Violence 79
Li, Darryl
Bearing Witness 86
Suares, Filomena
`If You Leave Us, We Will Die' 87
Robinson, Geoffrey
Back Road Reckoning: Justice in East Timor 101
Trowbridge, Erin
Intervention and State Failure 115
Ignatieff, Michael
Rebecca West's A Train of Powder; Janet Flanner's World ed. Irving Drutman; Karl Jaspers's The Question of German Guilt; Hannah Arendt's The Jew as Pariah; Harold Rosenberg's The Case of the Baffled Radical; Alain Finkielkraut's Remembering in Vain; War Crimes, ed. Belinda Cooper; and Gary Jonathan Bass's Stay the Hand of Vengeance 125
Linfield, Susie
Simon Winchester's The Fracture Zone, Greg Campbell's The Road to Kosovo Christopher Merrill's Only the Nails Remain, and Anthony Loyd's My War Gone By, I Miss It So 131
Secor, Laura
Noam Chomsky's A New Generation Draws the Line and Michel Feher's Powerless by Design 138
Isaac, Jeffrey C.

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