Vol. 47 • July 2000 • No. 3

Editor's Page 1
Cohen, Mitchell
Describes what it would take to end the globalization crisis 5
Galbraith, James K.
Russia's democratic dictatorship 9
Daniels, Robert V.
The dark side of Austrian social democracy 15
Rabinbach, Anson & Markovits, Andrei S.
What Does 'School Choice' Mean? 19
Gutmann, Amy
The New Discipline of Welfare and Work 25
Young, Iris
The Environment in Campaign 2000 31
Conca, Ken
Why America's Workers Can't Pay the Rent 38
Dreier, Peter
Fool's Gold of the Left 45
Teixeira, Ruy
E-Commerce, the Sales Tax, and Equity 49
Pressman, Steven
Poisoned Water, Contaminated History 53
Amter, Steven & Ross, Benjamin
Is Globalization Americanization? 58
Hutton, Will & Giddens, Anthony
Kibbutzim: Will They Survive the New Israel? 64
Brenner, Gary & Mort, Jo-Ann
Growing up Liberal 71
Packer, George
Goodbye to All That?: Elegies for the Book 76
Zipperstein, Steven J.
Having It All 83
Goodhart, David & Barkan, Joanne
On the Facts 89
Chomsky, Noam & Neier, Aryeh
Arnold Kaufman's The Radical Liberal 93
Mattson, Kevin
John Singer Sargent 97
Gitlin, Todd
Walt Whitman and the Ten Commandments 100
Reece, Erik Anderson
Joshua B. Freeman's Working Class New York 104
Brody, David
John B. Judis's The Paradox of American Democracy 107
Alterman, Eric
Barry Bluestone and Bennett Harrison's Growing Prosperity 111
Baker, Dean
Susan Faludi's Stiffed 114
Epstein, Cynthia Fuchs
James McPherson's Crabcakes 117
Richards, Phillip
Richard B. Freeman and Joel Rogers's What Workers Want 120
Kornblum, William
Dr. Seuss Goes to War, ed. Richard H. Minear 123
Kazin, Michael
Letters 126
The Last Page 128
Rustin, Margaret

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