Vol. 44 • April 1997 • No. 2

Editor's Page 5
Walzer, Michael
China, The United States,and Human Rights 7
Amsden, Alice H.
China, The United States,and Human Rights 8
Hoffmann, Stanley
China, The United States,and Human Rights 10
Levinson, Mark
China, The United States,and Human Rights 12
Steinfels, Margaret O'Brien
Central European democracy 14
Michnik, Adam
A response 19
Katznelson, Ira
Freedom after the cold war 21
Kohák, Erazim
Poland 26
Kowalik, Tadeusz
Yugoslav tremors 31
Denitch, Bogdan
Democracy in Latin America 34
Colburn, Forrest D.
Nicaragua 39
Payne, Douglas W.
Why I'm Still "Left" 43
Cohen, Mitchell
Finding the Real Center: Lessons of the 1996 Elections 51
Teixeira, Ruy
The Strike Weapon: Can It Still Work? 60
Freeman, Joshua B.
Work Rights, Individual Rights 66
Lichtenstein, Nelson
Their Energy Policy-and Ours 73
Komanoff, Charles & Lazare, Daniel
The Anti-Political Populism of Cultural Studies 77
Gitlin, Todd
The New York Intellectuals: Some Personal History 83
Dickstein, Morris
Picasso Surviving 87
Berman, Marshall
On Complexity and Coalitions 92
Gitlin, Todd
On Complexity and Coalitions: Responds 93
Young, Iris
Monopoly Capital 95
Barkan, Joanne
Magazines of the British left 103
Mandler, Peter
David Denby's Great Books 107
Bérubé, Michael
Glen Jeansonne's Women of the Far Right 112
Swerdlow, Amy
A Partisan Century edited by Edith Kurzweil 116
Scialabba, George
Joseph Schwartz's The Permanence of the Political 119
Lukes, Steven
George M.Fredrickson's Black Liberation 122
Hahn, Steven
Letters 127
The Last Page 128
Phillips, Maxine

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