Vol. 44 • January 1997 • No. 1

Cohen, Mitchell
The Election 7
Gitlin, Todd
Talks With John Lewis 9
Wilentz, Sean
Anne Frank and Bosnia 14
Mort, Jo-Ann
Dissenters in China 17
Holdaway, Jennifer
Labor in Eastern Europe 21
Ost, David
LABOR'S RENEWAL?: Rebuilding the Alliance 29
Freeman, Josh & Fraser, Steve
LABOR'S RENEWAL?: Back to Class Politics 31
Rorty, Richard
LABOR'S RENEWAL?: Time for a New Contract 35
Sweeney, John
LABOR'S RENEWAL?: Justice for Janitors 37
Erickson, Chris & Mitchell, Daniel J.B. & Valenzuela, Abel & Wong, Kent & Zeitlin, Maurice & Waldinger, Roger & Milkman, Ruth
LABOR'S RENEWAL?: Another Look at NAFTA 45
Compa, Lance
LABOR'S RENEWAL?: With comments on cross-border solidarity 49
Cook, Maria Lorena
Capitalism Without Work 51
Beck, Ulrich
Why Worry About Multiculturalism? 57
Phillips, Anne
The Complexities of Coalition 64
Young, Iris
Feminism and the Common Good: The California Health Care Case 70
Bronstein, Zelda
The Science Wars in India 78
Nanda, Meera
Edmund Wilson-And Our Non-Wilsonian Age 84
Berman, Paul
Futuristic Blues 88
Mills, Nicolaus
Looking at Hopper: An Art of Subtraction 93
Dickstein, Morris
Life at the Kramer Hilton 98
Wiener, Jon
Commentary at age fifty 101
Wrong, Dennis
Alan Sokal's "Transgression" 107
Aronowitz, Stanley
Alan Sokal's "Transgression": Replies 110
Sokal, Alan
replies to his critics 112
Isaac, Jeffrey C.
Lawrence Levine's The Opening of the American Mind 115
Jacoby, Russell
Michael Sandel's Democracy's Discontent 119
Ryan, Alan
Paul Krugman's Pop Internationalism 124
Galbraith, James
David Bumham's Above the Law 128
Rule, James B.
Joshua Rubenstein's Tangled Loyalties: The Life and Times of Ilya Ehrenburg 131
Woll, Josephine
Will Kymlicka's Multicultural Citizenship 135
Wolin, Richard
Wilentz, Sean

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