Vol. 43 • July 1996 • No. 3

Introduction 6
Cohen, Mitchell
A World Consensus on Human Rights? 15
Taylor, Charles
The Good, the Bad, and the Intolerable: Minority Group Rights 22
Kymlicka, Will
Language and Minorities 31
Neier, Aryeh
Minority Rights: On the Importance of Local Knowledge 36
Bell, Daniel A.
Quebec: Which Minority? 43
Jenson, Jane
On Racial Integration 47
Kennedy, Randall
Minority Rites 53
Walzer, Michael
Language and American Citizens 56
Elshtain, Jean Bethke
Now and Then: Native Peoples in the United States 58
Harjo, Suzan Shown
Between Hope and History: Mexico's Indians Refuse to Disappear 61
Payne, Douglas W.
Brazil: Indigenous Rights vs. Neoliberalism 67
Turner, Terence
History's Walls: Northern Ireland 71
Golway, Terry
France: A Crisis of Integration 75
Nair, Sami
How Turks Became Kurds, Not Germans 79
Leggewie, Claus
Getting Better, Getting Worse: Minorities in East Central Europe 84
Liebich, André
The State of Nations: The Ex-Soviet Union and Its Peoples 90
Suny, Ronald Grigor
Minorities in the Arab Heartland 99
Saghieyeh, Hazim
Turkey, the Kurds, and Human Rights 104
Marcus, Aliza
Palestinian Israelis? 108
Weingrod, Alex
North Africa: Changes and Challenges 113
Anderson, Lisa
Ethiopia's Prisoners of Blood 117
Packer, George
Rights After Liberation: A Report from Eritrea 129
Calhoun, Craig & DeLargy, Pamela
Whites in the New South Africa 134
Johnson, R. W.
China's National Minorities and Federalism 139
Jiaqi, Yan
India's Diversity 145
Parekh, Bhikhu
Riot Journal: Sri Lanka 149
Selvadurai, Shyam
The Last Page 160
Lukes, Steven

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