Vol. 40 • January 1993 • No. 1

Clinton and the Left 5
Barkan, Joanne
A Second Opinion 7
Howe, Irving
The roots of Somalia's agony 9
Onyango-Obbo, Charles
The nationalist backlash in Germany 11
Neaman, Elliot & Funke, Hajo
The Kurds and the Turks 16
Marcus, Aliza
The Problem of Intervention 21
Cohen, Mitchell
Tragedy in Former Yugoslavia 26
Denitch, Bogdan
The Corporation in America 35
Kuttner, Robert
Behind the European Currency Crisis 50
Bell, Daniel
Exclusion, Injustice, and the Democratic State 55
Walzer, Michael
Toward a Policy on Drugs 65
Currie, Elliott
Delusions of "Shock Therapy": Western Economists, Eastern Economies 72
Parker, Richard
Toward a Liberal Socialism? 81
Mouffe, Chantal
Can Poland Afford the Swedish Model? 88
Kowalik, Tadeusz
The Future of the American Left 97
Berman, Paul
Within and Without the Walls: Film in Eastern Europe 105
Biro, Yvette
The Letters of Eugene V. Debs edited by J. Robert Constantine 111
Wilentz, Sean
The novels of Robert Stone 115
Packer, George
Undue Process: A Story of How Political Differences Are Turned Into Crimes, by Elliott Abrams 120
Neier, Aryeh
A new attack on Feminism 123
Epstein, Cynthia Fuchs
Willy Brandt 125
Birnbaum, Norman
Letters 127

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