Vol. 18 • February 1971 • No. 1

Ben Seligman 3
Swados, Harvey
Richard Hofstadter 4
Howe, Irving
Short Shots: Rise of the Right On the Campus? 7
M., L.
Short Shots: A New Soviet Man-Bulgarian Version 7
C., L.
Short Shots: A New Switch On Foreign Policy 8
P., H.
Short Shots: Labor and the Elections 10
L., J.
America "Uncertain as to Answers" 11
Howe, Irving
Women Debate the Equal Rights Amendment 14
Sexton, Patricia Cayo
Chile: An Ambiguous Left Takes Office 18
Vega, Luis Mercier
The Agonies of Black Militancy 23
Anderson, Jervis
Being Young 1n a Postindustrial Society 30
Kohák, Erazim V.
Unions and the Black Power Brokers 41
Sexton, Brendan
Trashing Patriarchy 50
Rudikoff, Sonya
Vanished Writer, Vanished Book 58
Swados, Harvey
On Crime and Punishment 67
Rosenberg, Bernard
Psychoanalysis and Moral Values 77
Roazen, Paul
The Black Family in America 80
Willie, Charles V.
No Jokes, No M1nd 84
Kriegel, Leonard
Reviews 86
Spitz, David & Hausknecht, Murray & Gourevitch, Peter
Letters 94

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