Vol. 16 • November 1969 • No. 6

A Note on Vietnam: Duplicity, Murk and Blood 469
H., I.
The New American Tories: A Critique of Nixon's Welfare Program 471
Lekachman, Robert
An Opinion on the New York City Election 476
Harrington, Michael & Howe, Irving
The Pentagon Budget as War Policy: Or How to Cut War Expenditure to the Bone 477
Melman, Seymour
The Dilemmas of "Revisionist" Social Democracy 484
Marquand, David
Half a Cheer (No More) for British Labour 491
Rosenberg, Bernard
Culture and Rebellion: Dilemmas of Radical Teachers 497
Trachtenberg, Alan
Progress & the Proletariat: On the Dynamics of Social Revolution 505
Kohák, Erazim V.
Shalom, Israel 519
Lapierre, Jean-William
The Crisis of the Latin-American Democratic Left 528
Wiarda, Howard J.
Oxford Confronts Student Rebellion 537
Bottigheimer, Karl
An Evening with the Waterbury Left 541
Dionne, Roger
Reviews 550
Clarkson, Jesse D. & Care, Norman S. & Feldman, Burton

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