Vol. 16 • May 1969 • No. 3

"Preventive Detention"-Nixon's Baby 194
Haskell, Gordon K.
Vietnam: Prolonging the Agony 195
H., I.
A Political Solution for Vietnam? 196
Falk, Richard A.
What's Called "Mutiny" in the U.S. Army 198
Strand, Carl J.
Do We Really Want a Volunteer Army? 200
Rabasseire, Henry
Black Lung Revolt in West Virginia 201
Williams, Jim
The Congress Slips in Indian Politics 202
Plastrik, Stanley
Free Speech and the New Left-A Documentary 206
Nixon and Social Immobilism 209
Brand, H.
The Worldwide Revolt of the Young 214
Howe, Irving & Coser, Lewis & Lowenthal, Richard
Missile Control-Hope or Chimera? 225
Lall, Betty Goetz
"Middle-Class" Workers and the New Politics 231
Sexton, Brendan
The Reign of Virtue: Thoughts on China's Cultural Revolution 239
Schwartz, Benjamin I.
Marx and the Bureaucratic State 252
Papaioannou, Kostas
Impressions from Beirut 263
Gendzier, Irene
Poverty as a Structural Problem 268
Rydell, Lars
A Russian Writer Speaks to Stalin 271
Bulgakov, Mikhail
Leszek Kolakowski: Jester at the Court of Marxism 275
Pachter, Henry
Economic Theory Among the Czechs 280
Seligman, Ben B.
Modernism and Weimar 282
Mitzman, Arthur

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