Vol. 14 • September 1967 • No. 5

The Riots and the Radicals 517
Kahn, Tom
American Negroes: On thp Verge of Revolution? 520
Rustin, Bayard
The Tragedy of Negro Youth 522
Rustin, Bayard
War, Riot, and Priorities 527
Congressmen, Ten
Reflections on the Third World 528
Laqueur, Walter
A Case Against Interventionism 546
Pfaff, William
More on Poverty Can "More Money" End Poverty? 557
Lekachman, Robert
Discrimination and the Unions 564
Gould, William B.
Poland: Intellectuals vs. the Party A Report on the Kolakowski Case 576
Raina, P. K.
The Counterrevolution of Susan Sontag 590
Feldman, Burton
Notebook: On the Committee for Cultural Freedom 598
Harrington, Michael
Midsummer Madness in Quebec 600
Rader, Jack
On Judging the Israelis 605
Lelchuk, Alan
Morality and War: A Reply 609
Levin, Leonard
Rivers of Blood, Years of Darkness, by Robert Conot 611
Coser, Lewis
Children of Crisis; A Study of Courage and Fear, by Robert Coles 613
Goodman, Susan
The Rise and Fall of Kwame Nkrumah: A Study of Personal Rule in Africa, by Henry L. Bretton 616
Africanus, Polybius
The Arab Ba'th Socialist Party, by Kamel S. Abu Jaber 620
Gendzier, Irene L.
American Power in the Twentieth Century 625
Harrington, Michael

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