Vol. 14 • July 1967 • No. 4

After the Mideast War 387
Howe, Irving & Plastrik, Stanley
The UAW: An Aura of Hope 390
Rosenberg, Bernard
What Can We Do?-A Statement 398
McGovern, Senator
The U.S. in Latin America-A Reckoning of Shame 400
Friedenberg, Daniel
The Condition of Greece 421
Walzer, Michael
Radicalism and Conventional Politics 432
Kaufman, Arnold
Armies and Politics: A Problem in the Third World 440
McCord, William
Literature and Political Action 453
Hyman, Lawrence
The First Generation of SNCC 461
Howe, Irving
Revolution in Portuguese Africa 466
Rothstein, Raphael
More on Poverty The Myth of Saul Alinsky 469
Riessman, Frank
Food Stamps &: Hunger in America 479
Thorkelson, Howard
Troubles of a Jewish Conscience 485
Pachter, Henry
Questions on the Freedom Budget 486
Simon, Bob
Five Years: Thoughts During a Useless Time, by Paul Goodman 489
Dennison, George
The Searchers: Conflict and Communism in an Italian Town, by Belden Paulson (With Athos Ricci) 493
Lelchuk, Alan
Deadly Logic: The Theory of Nuclear Deterrence, by Philip Green 496
Boulding, Kenneth
GE: Profile of a Corporation 502
DeMuth, Jerry

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