Vol. 13 • July 1966 • No. 4

Poland: The Crisis of Opinion 338
G ., E.
Why Bosch Lost the Dominican Election 339
Kemble, Penn
A Change of the Stance in the Cold War 343
Rabasseire, Henri
The CIA and the Universities 348
Hausknecht, Murray
The Example Of Sutan Sjahrir: 1909-1966 350
Plastrik, Stanley
American Catholics Turn Left 352
Finn, James
The Negroes Enter Southern Politics 361
Watters, Pat
The Draft: Reflections & Opinions 369
Bakan, David & Hoffman, Robert L.
The Plebeians Rehearse the Uprising (excerpt from a play) 374
Grass, Günter
Revolution and Counter-Revolution: Or, Venezuela Revisited 377
Botsford, Keith
Hands (a story) 391
Arzhak, Nikolai
Kafka in Russia 396
Herling-Grudzinski, Gustav
Open Letter to Sholokhov 401
Moravia, Alberto
What Can We Expect From the Unions? 405
Jacobs, Paul
Notebook: Self-Hatred and the Politics of Kicks 414
Berger, Bennett M.
A Letter from Nigeria 418
Jervis, Steven A.
On the Sanity of Marat/Sade: In Defense of the Young Leftist 421
Boyers, Robert
In Answer to George P. Elliot and Robert Boyers 425
Abel, Lionel
The Automation Bogy 427
Simon, Herbert A.
A Reply 429
Seligman, Ben B.
Apropos in Cold Blood (In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote) 433
Eckstein, George
On the Genesis of Stalinism (Power and the Soviet Elite: "The Letter of an Old Bolshevik" and Other Essays, by Boris I. Nicolaevsky) 435
Cohen, Stephen F.
Mental Hospitals vs. Human Freedom (Psychiatric Ideologies and Institutions, by Anselm Strauss, Leonard Schatzman, Rue Bucher, Danuba Ehrlich, Melvin Sabshin) 439
Maisel, Robert
The Plight of the Jews in the Soviet Union 447
Weiss, David W.

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