Vol. 13 • March 1966 • No. 2

NOAH GREENBERG: 1919-1966 3
H., I.
A Report on the LID 116
Kahn, Tom
A Turn for the Worse in Vietnam 117
H., I.
Vietnam and Meat in the Sandwich 118
Rader, Jack
Toward a Freedom Budget 123
Randolph, A. Philip
The Prosecution and Imprisonment of Mike Quill by the Transit Authority as Performed in New York Under the Direction of Mayor John V. Lindsay 128
Hausknecht, Murray
Slaughterhouse in Indonesia 131
P., S.
The Trial Ends 132
H, I.
The Negro Family and the Moynihan Report 133
Carper, Laura
In Defense of the Negro Family 141
Riessman, Frank
Who Should Control Education? 145
Jencks, Christopher
So Who's Not Mad? On Marat/Sade and Nihilism 164
Abel, Lionel
Hannah Arendt Answered 173
Ezorsky, Gertrude
New Winds on the Campus 183
Feldman, Paul
British Labor: A Year of Achievement 190
Hinden, Rita
History as It Is Rewritten 195
Meyer, Howard N.
Ideology and Foreign Affairs 198
Pachter, Henry
A Reply by Michael Walzer and John Schrecker 203
Beyond the Statistics-The Brutality (The Shame of Anation, by Philip M. Stern) 208
Harrington, Michael
Remembrance of Things Past (Is Curly Jewish, by PaulJacobs) 209
Haskell, Gordon L.
Social Powerlessness in the Ghetto (Dark Ghetto, byKenneth B. Clark) 213
Rush, Sheila
A Critic of Literature and Politics (Writers and Politics, by Conor Cruise O'Brien) 215
Boyers, Robert
Index-1964 and 1965 219

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