Vol. 130 • January 2003 • No. 1

Correspondence Confessions, Cuomo, etc 4
Editorial Raelpolitik 7
Notebook A word from the editor 8
Baumann, Paul
Why can't they be like us? Islam & the West 9
Pfaff, William
Assimilation To dream in Hindi 10
McGowan, Jo
Prolife Democrats Thirty years after 11
Hagen, Roe John D. Jr.
MY HUSBAND, THE PRIEST Something lost, something gained 14
Welborn, Amy
THE ATTRACTION OF ISLAM It was Cairo in July... 17
Burrell, David B.
Standing in Place in Yellowstone 18
Partridge, Dixie
Far from Heaven Frida From Hartford to Mexico City 20
Cooper, Rand Richards
The Unexpected Way by Paul Williams 23
Griffiths, Paul J.
The Shade of Swords by M. J. Akbar 25
Pinault, David
Religion booknotes 27
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
Not so fast Be careful what you ask for 30
Feuerherd, Peter

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