Vol. 129 • April 2002 • No. 8

Correspondence 6
Editorial Last chance 7
Second chance? Purgatory looks better all the time 8
Callahan, Sidney
War politics 9
Dionne, E. J. Jr.
SHORT TAKE: Law & morality Should Catholic lawyers take divorce cases? 10
Garvey, John
THE CHURCH'S SEX-ABUSE CRISIS What the media coverage & commentary about the sex-abuse crisis have missed 13
Steinfels, Peter
SCREEN: Last Orders 20
Cooper, Rand Richards
Children's books The high art of book illustration 22
Donnelly, Daria
Soldiers and Civilians edited by Peter D. Feaver and Richard H. Kohn 26
Crespino, Joseph
THE LAST WORD: Reboot 31
Redmond, Mark

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