Vol. 128 • August 2001 • No. 14

Correspondence 4
The stem-cell sell 5
Before there was a Vatican 6
Got religion? Click here. 7
Gallicho, Grant
Lies, damn lies & statistics: In India, when a census taker asks questions, he already knows the answers. 8
McGowan, Jo
'Barbed-wire Sunday': A construction project that divided East & West Berlin 9
Rodden, John
ANTHROPOLOGY WITH A DIFFERENCE: How Mary Douglas makes sense of hierarchy, ritual, and the nature of religious change. A profile. 11
Baumann, Paul
A.I.: How Steven Spielberg & Stanley Kubrick imagine the future 20
Cooper, Rand Richards
The Metaphysical Club 22
McGreevy, John T. & Menand, Louis
Thinks... 24
Lodge, David & Miles, Jack
Bad News 26
Schmuhl, Robert & Shogan, Robert
Religion booknotes 28
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
Blueberry hill 31
Byrne, Katharine

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