Vol. 123 • June 1996 • No. 12

Correspondence On the veto of the partial-birth abortion bill 2
Editorial Summery judgments 5
Steinfels, Margaret O'Brien
Feminist homemaker confesses It's okay to be happy 6
McCloskey, Liz
Microscopic rights Jurisprudence turns suicidal 8
Jr, David R Carlin
'One of Us' Pop lyrics often express notions about spiritual longing Can they be trusted? 9
Moses, Paul
Three-strikes laws 10
DiSpoldo, Nick
A MODEST PROPOSAL Women priests? Well no Women cardinals? But of course 12
Douglas, Mary
The Centrifugal Force Ride 14
Cadnum, Michael
A WELFARE PRIMER The safety net is about to be downsized There is still time to think about the ramifications 16
Massaro, Thomas
Last Dance 20
Alleva, Richard
Contending with Modernity by Philip Gleason The crisis of identity in Catholic universities coincides with a larger crisis of purpose in all higher education Can Catholic institutions offer a way forward for all? 22
Liddy, Richard
Seedbeds of Virtue edited by Mary Ann Glendon and David Blankenhorn Common Values by Sissela Bok 26
McCabe, David
Cyril Connolly by Clive Fisher Muggeridge by Richard Ingrams Robert 28
Davis, Murray
The cutting edge of memory 31
Platt, David K

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