Vol. 122 • January 1995 • No. 2

Correspondence 2
Editorial 3
The right hand of God 4
Guillory, Ferrel
A dream deferred 6
Carlin, David R. Jr.
Orphaned at birth 8
McCloskey, Liz Leibold
Who is at the table? 10
Mitchell, Nathan D.
Signs & numbers 11
Steinfels, Peter
Poetry 14
Westerfield, Nancy G.
Signs & disguises: P. J. FitzPatrick, interviewed by Paul Baumann 18
Where symbols really matter 21
Baumann, Paul
Screen 24
Alleva, Richard
Eucharistic Presence, by Robert Sokolowski 26
Garvey, John
A day off, with twins 31
Doyle, Brian

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