Vol. 121 • April 1994 • No. 8

Correspondence 2
Editorial 3
Power to the patients 4
Higgins, Thomas
Sean's gift 5
Hopkins, Robert
Why I changed my mind 6
Callahan, Sidney
Neighbors need neighbors 8
McCloskey, Liz Leibold
A wonderful book 9
Garvey, John
Signs & wonders 10
Garvey, John
The other victims of priest pedophilia 11
Dreese, John J.
Poetry 14
Applebaum, David
Shine on, Harvey Bloom 15
Kalfus, Ken
Screen 18
Alleva, Richard
Poetry 20
Cowles, Christopher
Morality and Politics in Modern Europe/Religion, Politics, and the Moral Life, by Michael Oakeshott 21
McCabe, David
Extra Innings, Doris Grumbach 22
Marget, Madeline
The Partial Constitution, Cass R. Sunstein 23
Gaffney, Edward McGlynn Jr.
Religious booknotes 25
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
This park is central 30
Gallagher, Mary Campbell

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