Vol. 121 • September 1994 • No. 16

Correspondence 2
Editorial 3
A Southern pastor 4
Appleby, Scott
Following Salinas 5
Grayson, George W.
Rescuing the future 7
Fireside, Harvey
Your money or your lifestyle 8
McCarthy, Abigail
It's the culture, stupid 9
Carlin, David R. Jr.
Science vs. Religion (I) 11
Raymo, Chet
Science vs. Religion (II) 14
Honner, John
Screen 17
Alleva, Richard
The Soul of the American University, George Marsden 19
Hauerwas, Stanley
Public Religions in the Modern World, Jose Casanova 21
Coleman, John A.
The End of the Hunt, Thomas Flanagan 22
Murtaugh, Daniel M.
Communication and Lonergan, edited by Thomas J. Farrell and Paul A. Soukup 24
Tekippe, Terry J.
The Holocaust in Historical Context, Vol. 1, Steven T. Katz 25
Fischel, Jack
Religious booknotes 27
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
Lighten up, Mr. Dostoevsky 31
Sheed, Wilfrid

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