Vol. 121 • May 1994 • No. 10

Correspondence 2
Editorial 3
How not to punish China 4
Finn, James
The USCC & the rebbe 6
Sullivan, Winnifred Fallers
Subsidies for abortion? 8
Nadler, Jerrold & Hoyt, Robert G
Breaking the rules 9
Garvey, John
Growing gray with grace 11
Callahan, Sidney
Sale of the century 13
Hartung, William D
What the imagination knows 18
Wheeler, Edward T
Poetry 22
Hlavsa, Virginia V
Screen 22
Alleva, Richard
Telling the whole story 25
Johnson, Luke Timothy
The Wages of Guilt Ian Buruma 28
Beverly, Elizabeth
The Faith of a Physicist, by John Polking-horn/Nature, Reality, and the Sacred, Langdon Gilkey 31
Raymo, Chet
Collected Stories, Grace Paley 33
Dufresne, Bethe
The Revenge of God, Gilles Kepel 34
Hunt, Michael J
The Philosopher and the Provocateur, Bernard Doenng 37
Simpson, William A
A Dream of Peace, collected by UNICEF 39
Ellsberg, Peggy
Religious booknotes 40
Cunningham, Lawrence S
and just down the hall 46
Schultz, Valerie

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