Vol. 117 • October 1990 • No. 18

Correspondence 594
Editorials 595
Variant views on abortion 597
Amidei, Nancy
Something gained-& lost 598
McConnell, Frank
What's in charge here? 600
Cook, Robert Alan
Spirituality made simple 601
Garvey, John
Baghdad as target? 602
Hehir, J. Bryan
A choice of weapons 604
Hallie, Philip P.
How narrow the gate? 607
Zahn, Gordon C.
Return from the wilderness 610
Engelke, Jane Lewis
Screen 612
Alleva, Richard
Stage 614
Weales, Gerald
Poetry 615
Houston, Beth & Pratt, Charles W.
My Brother's Keeper 616
Kaufman, Michael T.
My Traitor's Heart 617
Holahan, David
Incarnation 618
Religious booknotes 620
Cunningham, Lawrence S.

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