Vol. 116 • February 1989 • No. 3

Correspondence 66
Editorials 67
A question for the church 69
Haring, Bernard
No safe place 72
McCarthy, Abigail
Prayer when? how? why? 73
AMES, RUTH M. & Macchiarola, Frank & Craighead, Meinrad & Mulhollan, Daniel & BURKHART, MARIAN & Harrison, Barbara Grizzuti
When we pray 75
Wright, John H.
A very partial reclamation project 78
Rodden, John
Screen 80
O'Brien, Tom
A Bright Shining Lie 82
Luce, Don
Minds at War 83
Sigal, Leon V.
Peace and Revolution 85
The Radical Renewal 86
Elshtain, Jean Bethke
In the Age of the Smart Machine 87
Wilpert, Bernhard
Poetry 88
Porter, Anne
Taking a Chance on God/The Church and the Homosexual 90
O'Donohoe, James A.
The Company We Keep 92
Green, Martin
Sophisticated Rebels/The Company of Critics 93
Diggins, John P.

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