Vol. 116 • January 1989 • No. 2

Correspondence 34
Editorials 35
Why settle for Communion? 37
Zero plus game 39
Hehir, J. Bryan
Poisoned genius 40
Garvey, John
Who are the Catholic 'fundamentalists'? 42
Coteman, John A.
Poetry 46
Houston, Beth
Screen 48
O'Brien, Tom
Sor Juana or, The Traps of Faith/A Sor Juana Anthology/Sor Juana's Dream 50
Arenal, Electa
The Silencing of Leonardo Boff/Many Mansions/The Mystery of Christian Uniqueness 52
Donders, Joseph G.
Religious booknotes 56
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
Intimate Matters/The Americanization of Sex 58
Cameron, J. M.
The Homing Spirit 61
Toolan, David

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