Vol. 113 • October 1986 • No. 18

Correspondence 546
Editorials 547
What's on your minds?: 548
Schroth, Raymond A.
Surviving with style: 549
Cox, Harvey
In search of 'liberation': 551
Kirby, Peadar
Screen: 553
O'Brien, Tom
Messenger for the ten thousandth: an interview with Elie Wiesel 555
Cargas, Harry James
Verse: 557
Pratt, Anne Porter, 554, C. W.
The Lost Language of Cranes: 558
Jones, Robert
Confessions of a Parish Priest: 560
Deedy, John
Portrait of Delmore/The Middle Generation: 562
Phillips, Robert
The Resurrection of Jesus/Jesus in Two Perspectives/The Sermon on the Mount: 564
Buren, Paul M. van
The Beet Queen: 565
Simon, Linda
Marie Ponsot 566
A Machine that Would Go by Itself: 567
Diggins, John Patrick
One Way or Another/The Piano Tuner/Success Stories/The News from Ireland: 570
Long, J. V.
Monkeys: 572
Smith, Karen Sue

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