Vol. 113 • October 1986 • No. 17

Correspondence 514
Editorials 515
Magic from below 517
Amidei, Nancy
The Buthelezi factor 518
Hope, Marjorie & Young, James
Vocations to the laity 520
Carlin, David R. Jr.
Orchestrated crises 521
McCarthy, Abigail
No routine smugglers 522
Jorstad, Eric
The `infallible' temptation 525
Moore, Sebastian
Catholics & Jews (cont.): Responses to `The Vatican, Israel, & holy Zion' 528
Thompson, Andrew Baker, Robert Gorham Davis, Jane Redmont, Judith Banki, Kenneth W.
Media 532
Smith, Karen Sue
Screen 534
O'Brien, Tom
Verse 535
Donnelly, Marilyn P.
The Politics of Heresy 536
Sanks, T. Howland
Innocent Ecstasy 538
Modras, Ronald

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