Vol. 109 • July 1982 • No. 13

Correspondence 386
Editorials 387
Terrorism on trial 389
O'Grady, Desmond
Feminists for life 391
The 12th of June 393
Powers, Thomas
Easy atheism 394
Garvey, John
Fruit of their years 396
McCarthy, Abigail
Armageddon in triplicate 398
Morrison, David C.
Keeping Catholics in their place 400
Lowry, David R.
The view in Germany 402
O'Gara, James
Screen 405
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
Ethics from a Theocentric Perspective 408
Maguire, Daniel C.
Headbirths, or the Germans Are Dying Out/The Safety Net 409
Richter, David H.
The Talk Show Murders 410
Steinfels, Peter

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