Vol. 108 • July 1981 • No. 13

Correspondence 386
Editorials 387
Images of émigrés 390
Fuerst, J.S.
Outsider archbishop 391
Woodrow, Alain
'The dark side of Islam' 393
McCarthy, Abigail
Hard choices in South Africa 395
Hehir, J. Bryan
Africa's other famine 396
Franke, Richard W. & Chasin, Barbara H.
How the females put an end to male oppression 399
Cort, John C.
Herald of a new reformation? 401
Keifer, Ralph A.
Screen 403
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
Art 405
Mills, Nicolaus
The exactions of art 406
Maloff, Saul
Ambition 408
Elshtain, Jean Bethke
The Mind of John Paul II/Sources of Renewal/How the Pope Became Infallible 410
Heft, James
Religious Book Notes 412
Sawicki, Marianne
America, Lost & Found 414
Darst, Stephen

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